Hey y'all.

Welcome to my blog!
When I married my husband in 2012, I never imagined we'd still be in our hometown, but here we are.
Our life isn't always glamorous, but we try our best to keep this small town life special.

Happy Birthday to Me!


When you get past your 21st, birthdays don't seem to have the same excitement as they used to... That being said, I did exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday... We ate delicious food, and just relaxed! It wasn't exciting, but it was perfect to me.


I had Thai for lunch with B, my mother and my aunt Juli at my favorite place: Kai Thai... We shared a few appetizers, got sushi and some different noodle bowls. I didn't worry about Points, but just enjoyed every bite!


B gave me these beautiful lilies for my birthday. They smell amazing! I love how the scent fills our entire house...


My big birthday gift was an embroidery machine... Ooooh I'm so excited about this! I haven't had time to try using it yet, but I am a big nerd and I want to read the entire instruction manual before I get started. : )


For supper, B & I were going to go out for a nice meal at Longhorn, but then I decided I wanted something more casual: Waffle House! We ended up going with my parents, and I blew out "candles" on my waffle instead of cake. What a perfect end to such a fun day!

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Another thing I did for my birthday was a little makeover! I lovvvvvved my highlights, but I was ready for something fresh and new... So, dark brown it was! This is pretty close to my natural color. I usually don't like it this dark, but the more I look at it, the more I love it! It is seriously giving me life.


While my birthday was pretty low-key, some of my best friends threw me a little surprise party the next night! We watched the season finale of Pretty Little Liars and ate yummy cookie cake. It was so fun! I wish I had gotten more pictures. And guess what? Most of the decorations are still up, because I just love them!

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