Hey y'all.

Welcome to my blog!
When I married my husband in 2012, I never imagined we'd still be in our hometown, but here we are.
Our life isn't always glamorous, but we try our best to keep this small town life special.

Long Time, No Blog! 

Hello there! I have missed blogging so much! My life has been totally flipped upside down, but now that I am in a routine, I am excited to get back to posting regularly again.

I just wanted to do a quick update on my life as of lately...

Well, I got a job! I am now working as a ParaPro in a Kindergarten classroom and I absolutely love it! 


This is my little nook. It looks a lot different now because I've added some pictures and rearranged some things.

    This is Mrs. Black, the teacher I work with. I am so thankful to work with such a sweet friend! I think we work really well together : )

  This was the obligatory "First Day of School" picture. #nerd : )

It's been a big adjustment to working full time, but I really am loving it. 

      The band played at a youth rally in Sandersville the first Friday in August. There was a good turn out of youth and we had a lot of fun! 

     Our youth group's Back to School event was a Wild West theme this year. It was so much fun! I love both of these pictures so much.

      I'm so glad that Fall is right around the corner... And with it came football season! We are a classroom divided (UGA/UA) but I still love Mrs. Black!

      Even though it's not officially fall, I have enjoyed my pumpkin flavored things without shame. I lovvvvve Dunkin Donuts pumpkin latte. So good!

        Last but not least, we have also celebrated 2 of our best friends getting married! Josh & Erika are the most perfect couple and their wedding was so beautiful and sweet! Marriage is so fun and I'm so happy for them...

Well, that is all for now, friends! The title of this blog is Small Town Special, and as you can see, I have been busy keeping life special! ; ) 

See you again soon!

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