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When I married my husband in 2012, I never imagined we'd still be in our hometown, but here we are.
Our life isn't always glamorous, but we try our best to keep this small town life special.

Friendsgiving 2015


I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It's not really about the holiday itself, but the season. I know it's cliche, but when I sit back and think about all the things I have in my life, I cannot help but be thankful. One of the main things that B & I are thankful for is our friends. Friendsgiving is one of my favorite nights of the year, because it's all about celebrating them! I just wanted to share a few snapshots of our 3rd Annual Friendsgiving...


 I don't have many Thanksgiving decorations, but I'm slowly building up my collection. I still have to steal from my mom here and there : )


We don't have a dining room table, so we borrowed some tables from the church and did the best we could.  Some new additions this year were the curtains and the chandelier: which B found on the side of the road! I can't believe someone was throwing it out. Nothing was wrong with it at all.


This was my absolute favorite update we did to our house before the party. Taylor, I still owe you big time for this! I have been wanting to have this painted onto my wall for over a year now, and it finally happened!

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The food, man. The food. B fried the turkey and it was absolutely delicious! We had a potluck, so there were plenty of yummy sides: Dressing, Green Beans, Cranberry Sauce, Squash, Sweet Potato Souffle, Macaroni & Cheese, and Rolls... Joey brought a delicious Cheese Ball in the shape of a turkey for an appetizer... And we had all sorts of desserts: Cookies, 2 Cakes, a few Pies... It was all so good!

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After supper we brought out Pit. This game, y'all. It's so fun, but it gets crazy! It's very loud, and you're trying to make trades and sneak in the wild cards... It's hilarious. Apparently it's been out for over 100 years, so it must be pretty good!


Y'all have no idea how much joy I felt after this party. I went to sleep with the biggest smile on my face, and a very grateful heart. We love each of you so much, and are so very thankful for your love, your support and the fun that we all have together! You can't choose your family, but you do choose your friends... And I'm pretty proud of the choices we have made.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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