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Easy Christmas Craft: Burlap Garland



I have been wanting to do some Christmas crafting lately, but never seem to have the time. Everything either seemed like it will take too long or will cost too much money.. Or I think it will earn me a spot on PinterestFails.com... So, when I saw this on Facebook, I thought it looked so cute! I needed some life on my mantel and thought this would the perfect addition. It also had minimal necessary supplies, so I thought it wouldn't be too hard.... (#famouslastwords)



  • 1 strand of Christmas lights (I got the 13.5-foot 50 LED warm white lights from WalMart.)
  • Red & green burlap (You could use any color. Even traditional brown would look cute!)
  • Scissors

The first thing you'll need to do is cut the burlap into strips. I cut mine into 1 1/2-inch strips, but you can do thinner or thicker pieces according to the look you want to achieve.

I'm not going to lie to y'all. The next part was the worst. Tying the strips onto the wire was very time consuming and my hands were getting sore toward the end. I took several breaks, but it took over an hour to complete. *** DISCLAIMER: I act like I'm crafty but I'm not so I could just be complaining about something you Craft Queens wouldn't bat an eye at... bear with me : ) ***

img_6711      img_6731      img_6722

Once we were finished, I was really happy! I really loved the way it turned out. I had a strand of lights on the mantel before, but with the burlap, it really adds some more life and quite frankly, more Christmas cheer... And I'll take as much as I can get!

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