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When I married my husband in 2012, I never imagined we'd still be in our hometown, but here we are.
Our life isn't always glamorous, but we try our best to keep this small town life special.

My Idea of a Perfect Day


Spring is officially here. Each season has its own pros and cons, but something about spring just makes me feel good inside.  Today we decided to take full advantage of the day!

First, we headed to Farmview Market in Madison, Georgia.  I love this place. Today was their Spring Harvest Festival and it was crazy busy!

We got lunch before we started shopping. We were starving! I got the catfish and B got the Farmview Burger.


All the vegetables are gorgeous this time of year! I didn't buy any today, but I think another trip will be in my near future. Everything is just so fresh and colorful.

Today was opening day for their open air farmer's market and it was so crowded, I didn't want to take photos, but I had to snap these beautiful herbs! Unfortunately, they didn't take cards and the ATM machine was down. I was disappointed because the plants were gorgeous.


We decided to split some ice cream on the drive home. This Bourbon and Burnt Sugar ice cream was heavenly and tasted like homemade.

I bought a dozen fresh eggs, a loaf of bread, some blackberry jam and a homemade bath bomb. I was happy with my loot!


On the way home we stopped at Agee Lawn & Garden to get some vegetables and herbs to plant. Everything was so pretty out there, I just wanted to buy one of each and landscape my whole yard.

Just swinging life away...


I was totally fascinated by these plants. I don't know what I would do with them, so I decided not to buy, but they smelt SO GOOD.

The pitiful state of our raised bed.

We planted cucumber, bell pepper and squash. I'm so excited! And B spoiled me with an irrigation system, so I won't have to water it every day! : )

We also got parsley, basil and dill in a planter, but I forgot to take a picture. I'm super excited about that for cooking this spring and summer!

While we were at Farmview, we decided to pick up some ribeyes and invited my parents over for supper. I decided to make it a *fancy* night and we sat at the table with my china and everything.

I roasted potatoes and fixed a salad with homemade pickled onions and homemade creamy honey mustard vinaigrette.

I also toasted that bread from the farmer's market and made Italian dipping oil (like Carraba's) on the side. I used this recipe.

It really was just a perfect day filled with all my favorite things: B, shopping, eating, being outside and cooking! Super thankful tonight...



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