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When I married my husband in 2012, I never imagined we'd still be in our hometown, but here we are.
Our life isn't always glamorous, but we try our best to keep this small town life special.

Anniversary Getaway to Savannah! Day 1


It's hard to believe that we have been married for 5 years. In a lot of ways, I feel like I'm still 17, so being married for 5 years really does make it sink it that I'm growing up and getting old(er).

We spent our wedding night in Savannah at the sweetest B&B, The Gastonian. We went to Disney World for our actual honeymoon trip, but since we were staying in a rented condo, my parents gifted us a night somewhere special for our first night. At the time I didn't really understand what my mom meant when she explained that, but now I am so thankful that we can come back to this special place for occasions like this.

We left on Thursday around 3PM. Check in wasn't until 4, so we took our time getting there.


We rolled up and The Gastonian was looking a beautiful as ever. It's just so perfect.


There are 15 rooms at The Gastonian, and our "Bucket List" is to stay in all 15 eventually. This was our 3rd time staying here. We stayed in the "Andrew Bryan" room and it was beautiful! The 2nd photo is of the parlor in the front of the house. I love all the antiques!


After we settled into our room, we headed out for dinner. One of my favorite things about Savannah is that you can walk pretty much anywhere! We knew we would be eating at more upscale places on Friday and Saturday night, so we kept it casual. Pizza is always the best choice, TBH.


We chose Screamin' MiMi's and y'all, the slices were literally as big as my head. It was delicious.


After we finished our pizza, we walked around some more and headed to get dessert. I had heard of Leopold's before, but had never eaten there.

We knew it must be good, because the line was out the door and almost to the end of the block!

It absolutely did not disappoint. This ain't Mayfield, people.

Anniversary Getaway to Savannah! Day 2

Creamy Chipotle Stuffed Peppers